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Our company, located in Berlin, was founded in the year 1919.
We develop and produce electro-acoustic equipment for the professional voice transmission in a noisy environment, known under the trade mark HOLMCO.
Our product range contains approx. 3000 articles, from transducers over microphones to headsets meeting the latest requirements.
The circle of our customers consists of companies from the fields of aviation, industry, transport, medical technology and public address as well as of the military market and authorities and of fire brigades and police.
Whenever reliable communication under harsh conditions is required, the quality of HOLMCO products is highly esteemed.
Quality based on the competence, the experience and the efforts of our staff of 112 persons.
Quality confirmed by many customers of international repute.
Quality appreciated by adequate certifications:
  • DIN EN 9100 (includes DIN EN 9001)
  • Directive 94/9/EG (Equipment intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres)
  • Approved Production Organisation for Aviation products according EASA Requirements Annex Part 21, Section A, Subpart G
  • Approved Maintenance Organisation according EASA Requirements Annex II (Part 145), Section A
We grant a warranty period of two years for all our products; for aeronautical products the warranty period is three years.

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