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Waterproof speaker microphone for noisy environments

The Milan speaker microphone has been developed for use under harsh conditions. With its rugged, waterproof design, it is ideally suited to the tough usage experienced in the fire and police services, in industry, transport and the traffic sector. Thanks to its resistance to saltwater, the Milan can also be used at sea.
The housing is ergonomically shaped and sits comfortably in the hand in all situations. The Milan has two large push-to-talk buttons that are easy to operate even in gloves.
A noise-cancelling microphone for reducing background noise and a dynamic loudspeaker with three selectable volume levels enable good communication even in noisy environments. The unit has an earphone jack socket; when earphones are connected, the internal loudspeaker is disabled.
Extra features include a separate emergency button and a NEXUS socket, which can be used for connecting an external headset. The speaker microphone can be fastened to clothing by a swivel clip which can be adjusted in steps of 45 degrees.
The case and cable are made solely of flame-retardant, self-extinguishing materials, in accordance with the area of use. The Milan is supplied fully assembled with coiled cable and connecting plug suitable for a range of analog and digital radios.


Versatile desk intercom

The new D-9 desk intercom is a multipurpose unit with a sturdy and flexible design that can be customized to the user's personal requirements.
The D-9 desk intercom is fitted with a noise-cancelling electret microphone that delivers outstanding speech quality combined with excellent feedback protection. The microphone is designed for speaking at a distance of about 30 to 50 cm. If it is intended to use the desk intercom in a very noisy environment, however, then a close-talking microphone can be used instead. The customer has a choice of two gooseneck lengths: 226 mm or 415 mm. If required, the microphone can be supplied with an illuminated ring to indicate "ready to talk". A dynamic loudspeaker can also be fitted if two-way communication is needed.
The customer can specify extra features for the desk intercom such as buttons, switches, volume controls and LED indicators. For instance, several call buttons can be fitted if required, which let the user address different lines. And of course all controls and indicators can also be labelled. The base unit has space to house electronic circuitry such as amplifiers, and the D-9 can also be supplied with a USB interface for plug-and-play capability.
The durable plastic base unit sits securely on four non-slip rubber feet that also provide excellent insulation against structure-borne sound. It has a base area of 150 x 150 mm. To ensure good stability, the base has additionally been fitted with a heavy metal plate to give a total intercom weight of about 950 g.


SCORPION adapter for helmets F 130 und HEROS-smart

From now on, the headset SCORPION can also be used with the protective helmets Schuberth F 130 and Rosenbauer HEROS-smart. New helmet adapters are available. The new adapters have 2 parts. The base part will be built into the helmet, and the slide-on part will be mounted at the headset. To connect the headset with the helmet, the slide-on part has to be sticked into the base part and vice versa.
The slide-on part is the same for both helmets, but the base parts are different. That way the SCORPION can be exchanged between these helmets.
A wide range of adapter cables with PTT and quick release connector is available to connect the SCORPION to analogue and digital radios.