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Handsets Series N-89

The handset of the N-89 series are especially designed for use in mobile and stationary applications in noise disturbed environments.
Their outstanding feature is the excellent ambient noise eliminations of the microphone. With this a perfect communication is guaranteed, even in noisy surroundings.
Also, the N-89 sets have all the attributes that are necessary for mobile use: robust housing with rounded edges to minimise the risk of injuries, easy reachable PTT key and stable lock of the handset in the rest.
Some models are available in 2 colours.
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Handset with electret microphone and amplifier

Splash-proof handset

Handset with exceptionally secure locking

Handset with dynamic microphone

N-89 AuflagenHandset rests for N-89 series

Technical specification for Series N-89
MaterialHousing made from polycarbonat, self-extinguishing
WeightHandset without cable approx. 160 g
Handset with standard cable approx. 290 g
Degree of protectionIP 40 (N-89.2: IP 54)
Temperature range-25 up to +55 °C
Amplifier (beside N-89.5 and Part-No. 88-01-11692)
Operation voltage10 V up to 28 V-
Current drainapprox. 10 mA at 10 V, approx. 31 mA at 28 V
Handset with microphone and receiver, spiral cord (length coiled approx. 44 cm, straight approx. 2 m), without plug

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