• communicating in the air and on the ground

  • Communication for trains and vehicles

  • Reliable communication in emergencies

  • Planning and acting with precision

  • a good connection in all weather conditions

  • Made in Germany all the way


Our company was founded in 1919 and has been family owned and operated for three generations. From our location in the heart of Berlin, we design and manufacture communications accessories for professionals working in challenging and dangerous environments. The HOLMCO brand is known worldwide for excellent sound quality and reliability.

Holmberg’s product portfolio includes dynamic transducers, microphones, loudspeakers, headsets, and handsets. We are proud to provide customized solutions for specialists in the fields of aviation, rail, shipping, fire fighting, law enforcement, emergency services, logistics, and medical engineering. Every customer is unique, and we design individual solutions tailored to their specific needs.

As a family business, we strongly believe in open communication, trust, honesty, fairness, loyalty, and cultural diversity.

Always a good connection ...


Holmberg in the newspaper

Just in time for the 100th anniversary of Holmberg, the "Berliner Zeitung" introduced the Holmberg company and reported on our long tradition.

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The INTERSCHUTZ will take place in Hanover from 15 to 20 June 2020.

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Innovation is our tradition

This year Holmberg celebrates 100 years anniversary.


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Wireless communication in control centres

Until now, corded headsets have been the norm in security-related sectors such as the police service, because they offer an acceptable level of protection against interception of sensitive communications. The drawback of these headsets is that they limit freedom of movement and so users often only tolerate them out of necessity.

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